The Banana Address

      I may be the crazy one, but my relatives live in a banana address. What is a banana address?

   Have you ever looked at or peeled off a produce sticker? Do you use the self-service terminal at the supermarket? Bananas are 4011 code, at least around here they are, so some people live in addresses that are healthy if not altogether fruity. It depends on the number. Some are nuts. What’s the code for nuts. Oh that’s military.

   This morning, having bought a grapefruit at Weis, of course, the code is 4281. Most of our streets stay within 3 digits. Not too many go to four, or five.

    The Lincoln Highway is pretty extensive, pretty long.

   I might have to drive over to Gettysburg to find a banana address and the back of an envelope. I must buy bunches of bananas to take to the hospitals, good for the heart. When is a banana a dress?


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