Map of the Nation

   This afternoon I visited the Robesonia post office to priority mail a letter.

   Then, purchased for 50 cents five boxes of beautiful clean books to distribute among libraries for book sales.

   Next, stopped at the farm to spend some time with my beloved fuzzy friends. Just as I pulled in, a heron – a very light slender crane – flew down near the tiny nearby stream. I made a brush behave on one of the mud-caked horses and let him graze for the green grass which grows ever rarer in December.

   We walked up the dedicated road to the riding ring, where we walked a pattern or two and over some low obstacles. We walked back after saying hello to some of the other horses there. When we crossed the bridge over the meandering stream, the little crane flew out from the arch under the road and arced above the trees and Brumby watched him with interest and no sign of being startled. It was neat. How often do you find a horse, a heron and a human all in one place?


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