Umbrella Service

   From Michael’s it is a short stretch to Weis and I went in with a windbreaker half-on (left side) over my career clothes. Earlier in the morning, when I was about to go for my daily intravenous fluids, I veered out of usual orbit to get cat food, because there was none None NONE!

   The big red letters bearing the Weis logo had been removed and taken away for repair or cleaning or exchange, and replaced. Now, some portions are dark and some bright red and this makes a kind of mirage that enhances part of the w to look like a v and that matches the brightness of the i. The water element was strong Tuesday morning. I had taken an umbrella with me that swiftly turned inside-out from the action of the wind and I knew better, yet here I was, Mary Poppins.

   This time I was in for postage stamps, which make merry pop-ins. Louise, the outstanding cashier at the customer service desk, asked if I needed someone to walk me to my car with an umbrella.

   “Walk me to the car with an umbrella?” I asked. “Yes, please!”

   “Let me get someone,” said Louise.

   “Who does that?”  I said. “How long have you had that policy?”

   I thought I heard the manager say six months ago but it hardly rained all summer so how would I know? Concierge/ valet at the supermarket. I was hoping my Beloved would come round the corner.

   A young lady was asked to interrupt her gift card stocking task in order to help me. I heard her to ask whether she gets extra for this, which made me wonder what sort of tip to figure on. She wielded a black folding umbrella like a teaching tool of some kind, the way an educator masters a pointer, with authority, as if the bumbershoot gave her added power.

   Do you want to go for a walk? Her name tag held the letters K I R B Y. Finding this unusual, I asked her how she was named and she replied. She showed respectful enthusiasm for her task and for gift cards, including multidenominational telephone cards, and delivered me safely to my car.

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