Macadam Malvern

   A big truck was on the street this morning when I left the house. The dark green door panel was lettered: MACADAM, Malvern PA, and some other construction vehicles were arriving or being set up. What they are doing to the street now, I cannot say because I have yet to peruse the community newsletter. Macadam, my editor at the paper taught me, is one of those words to watch out for. The newspaper term is blacktop or asphalt, Macadam is a branded name.

   Heronspotting results: eight heron or heron in eight spots. The most interesting one is sleeping standing up, as if contemplating the question Do horses sleep standing up?

   Victor reports to me that thanks to Ruth, he saw a bald eagle in a tree near the mill. It excites me that the birds are making a comeback, along with the heron.

   Rick, the best maintenance worker a park and its public could hope to have, is absent. The core crew, which is the best core crew a park and its public could hope to have, works like elves, or play directors, making sure the place is dressed and rehearsed for opening night of Holiday Lights.

   When I arrive home, Macadam work blocks the way, so I park in an auxiliary spot, collect my purse, notebook and coffee, and walk. The truck driver offers to move. Good grief! The backhoe is anchored in place and digging away. I observe the Mendenhall Rule. How nice of them to ask, though.

   There is a letter M in the center cup holder, the only letter I’m carrying right now. What are the odds?

  To do: Deliver 13 letters today or tomorrow, a perky omen.


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