West is Best

  West Lawn/Wyomissing Hills Library is a gift to the community. The librarians’ counter itself is an intensely riveting architectural feature: a long, glass block wall with inner lighting.

   An artfully done showcase with things – carefully made home arts and homemade goodies – meets you in the hallway like a silent greeter. One chance was $1 and for $5 you get 6. 

   During a recent trip to New York via Bieber bus, a display at the Natural History Museum restated that a writing system is a required mark of civilization. West Lawn/Wyomissing Hills library has lovely signs, well worded, well presented and the whole place is very clean. You can be sure it is well-loved.

   They have an interesting twist : buy a bright blue book bag for $6 and pick out a book from what, in some libraries, would be just a book sale table. The library also offers the Homework Hub Monday through Thursday, 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. in conjunction with Wilson school district.

   I had arrived during the last half hour last night. The librarian was kind and patient in answering my questions, such as whether the scrabble group would meet next week at its regular time.  A church group rehearsed directly overhead, marching on the wooden floor of the upstairs space. The librarian, a man who sat reading in a chair, and I chuckled. Even so, the library was still quiet and peaceful, a kind of haven.

   I must go back. I wonder if the meeting room is the one with the limestone wall that was dimly if warmly lit and kind of spooky in a fun way. The room, I see from the Berks County Public Libraries brochure, “Meeting Rooms,” is available to non-profit organizations only, free of charge and during library hours. It seats 34 to 40 people. “Application required.”


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