Bern Bridge Built Below Budget; No Tax Increase in 2011

   The Bern Township Board of Commissioners heard Tuesday night that a bridge the township crew has built recently was completed under budget. The road crews were pleased with this result.

   “I would suggest we go into the business of building bridges,” said board chair Lucille Brady.

   The commissioners also discussed safety issues at the site of road construction of Routes 183 and 222, where temporary concrete barriers may obscure sight lines for drivers, especially drivers of cars under 14.2 hands as contrasted with trucks and other vehicles measure greater than pony size.

   The Board approved the proposed 2011 budget of 3 million-plus and the tax rate of  3.116 will remain the same.   Trash and recycling contracts also were approved and residents will see no increase. July fourth is the only company-recognised holiday for the waste and refuse collectors. Tuesday July 5 is the date for trash pickup after the Independence day federal holiday.

   About five people attended the meeting.


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