Hobby Horse: how to make a juice can lid medal

   You too can make your own medals from the round disk of that tops a frozen juice can, the one held in place by the peel off strip.

   Many frozen juices have gone the way of refrigerated cartons of fresh juice, that is, the frozen juice section has been shrinking rapidly in over the past several years, so it is less than the width of a case door at some stores, where it used to be a whole section. Juices are WIC approved and economical and I start my day everyday with reconstituted juice. As the market changes these lids become rarer and more precious, so what you can do is recycle them with your cans OR or UPcycle as ornaments or medals.

   What I did was punch a slot near the edge using a hammer and flat screwdriver, cut a piece of ribbon an appropriate length, fasten it to the disc with a clip, and paste a seal on either side. You too can try this at home!

  To make an ornament, punch a hole and use string, ribbon or other material to suspend your work of art.

2 thoughts on “Hobby Horse: how to make a juice can lid medal

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