Why Oh mISSing

  The tune of My Favorite Things was playing on the in-store radio this morning at whatever time I was there, which can be retrieved from my receipt. Outside, the crew from ISS signs SSI Signature Signs Inc was continuing this isane adjustment to the letter i, which was partly missing at the Wyomissing store, Imagine that. There is no eye in team. Terrill Owens and Vince Young can be on my team any day. There is a WE and the I is dotted.

   I had to ask where the peppermint section is. How can there not be one section devoted entirely to minty picker uppers? One aisle for tea and one for candy (!!). It’s a good thing the custodian of the Aisles and Tiles knows where the merchandise is because that store is so big you can get LOST in it, so I feel right at home there now. Love, Allison. And yes this was spell checked.

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