$5 off Ulta and the Wyomissing Animal Hospital

   Pick of the litter: Ulta coupon for $5 off a purchase ! definitely can use this because my mother likes Vitabath, and Ulta generally carries it.

   Yesterday while waiting at the Wyomissing Animal Hospital for Dr. Austin to give Wizzie his checkup and shots, was amused by the Naughty and Nice lists on the bulletin board behind the reception desk. Becky processed Wizzer’s paperwork and was unable to divulge the details on the criteria for making each list, because she doesn’t know. I was thinking they might have every employee’s name on EACH list, but such was not the case. It was a delightful idea to brighten the hub of the veterinary office, where staff constantly is on the go.

   The hospital  has for sale handmade dog buttons and cat magnets, that make excellent and reasonably priced gifts for pet lovers on anyone’s shopping list (who likes animals). With the five-dollars saved at Ulta, I can buy two buttons and 12 magnets!

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