The New Apportionment Deal

   Tuesday at 11 a.m. the Department of Commerce and Census Bureau plan to reveal the result of the 2010 Census, including the nation’s population count and the reapportionment of the 435 seats of Congress.

  The Census website contains a lively interactive map, where you can scroll over your home state and travel across the entire country with the stroke of a finger. The tip of the cursor brings a tactile sense to it all. What I find most amazing is that no state has had a population decline in this century from 2000 to 2010. The District of Columbia has decreased, but all other states increased, especially in the west.

  The video about reapportionment explains in an entertaining  way, what that means. Assigning the 435 seats is he easy part. Reviewing the 1600 organizations on my list for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I am struck by the number and enormity of the groups and individuals in need and the many organizations, volunteers and citizens who devote hours weeks months and years of their time to helping people surmount problems of health, education and welfare, inlcuding housing, recreation and athletics, literacy, homelessness, addictions, poverty, disability.

   I attended tonight a closed Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. The organization advocates 90 in 90: ninety meetings in the first 90 days, for effective support and a kind of indication to commitment. A person could give 2011 hours in 2011, visit 2011 places in 211 days and that would barely break the ice. The needs are titanic. The mst successful programs reconise the ongoing nature fof the need and commitment rquired to support/

p.s. There is no and could not have been a better leader for the 2010 Census for Dr. Robert Groves. But why does he wear a moustache?

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