The North Face

   What is this small rubber The North Face logo tab? Why, it’s today’s Pick of the Litter, found on the trail near the Gring’s Mill Bridge.

    People on the trail hardly recognise me today in my new blue coat! Thanks to my brother and his family I keep warm outside with a long quilted navy blue down jacket from The North Face. Highly recommended. 

   While keeping warm also keep in touch via cellular with my BFF Melissa Zoepfl, nee Card, for whom I must make some watercolor and collage cards. We always spent New Year’s Eve together when we were kids. One year I was not feeling well and her mother lent me the cramp knot, a smooth and polished piece of pine to hold and make the discomfort vanish.

   At 9:36 see a heron catch a fish. A number of bottoms- up geese draw my attention near the pipeline. Among the 15 Canada geese stands a heron, some 20 feet away from shore, wading near a tidy flat rock. It stabs into the water. It pulls its head up to display a large and handsome trout – from this distance it could be a 12-inch fish. The herons long feather beard swooshes in the breeze as it clamps on the fish until it dies. This takes a few minutes, leaving me time to admire the strength and presence of the bird. When the fish stops wriggling and bending back and forth, the heron gulps it down.

   It is nearly New Years and the to do list is pretty long. I better take a stab at it myself! I’m hungry.

  p.s. The North Face® site says: Never Stop Exploring: Background Image


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