The Pearl

   Do you know the story of The Pearl? I think I have found my pearl, for which I would give everything I have.

    My pearl is a little white-painted brick house of 750 square feet, a smaller footprint than currently passes under my feet.

   My pearl is in a section of the city of Reading some would call a slum. The rat I saw dead on the opposite corner did not dissuade me from looking at the property, which has a back yard where I can compost.

   The multiple door lock divots in the door jamb do not frighten me. The hurdle of paying for it or financing it does not deter me.

  It will make a House of  IdeAs, where there is no money, just incubating ideas and free stuff for people and organizations. It sounds ridiculous, but it isn’t.

  Some of my assets may need to be liquidated so I can pay off the Pennsylvania Unemployment Office first, which reversed their reversal of claim eligibility, and make an offer.

  I see it as the Little White House that can.


2 thoughts on “The Pearl

  1. Is your Pearl of a House in the first block of North 11th Street? With City Park across the street and a good restaurant in the basement of the house at the corner of 11th and Penn streets? (A favorite of ours back in the 70s.)

    Sounds like the snug little house I’ve always liked. No garage, though, and maybe not the safest area of town. Not slum, in my opinion, unless there has been migration northward in the last 30 years. My doesn’t time fly, to coin a phrase.


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