Top Ten Books of 2010

This is the abbreviated and little bit arcane suggestive not exhaustive top enumeration of the ten most influential books of my past year – not all of them are new books:

1 Wisdom by Stephen S. Hall. To read is to love.*

2 Math {divinity school}

3 Snoop [Not just Harriet the spy: this is to DIY]

4 Urban Country: (Just Plain Cool)

5 Iconoclast: A tripod approach.

6The Van Kaam

7Alain de Boton Consolations of Philosophy and audiobook: How Proust Can Change your Life

8Timidity, from the Mental Efficiency series, Funk and Wagnalls 1915

9 Don’t Be Afraid: How to get rid of Fear and Fatigue, Cowles, 1948 edition of the 1941 publication

10 Ulysses (which I have yet to read) the Cat

*Might be worth the $4,000 that’s on my Discover card, which I needed to buy it last winter.


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