YOGIBEAR3D = Movie ticket: Parking lot Pick of the Litter at the World’s Cleanest Grocery Store, which has some competition now that Food Lion is in town – a store can’t help but be clean and shiny when it is brand-spanking new.

   Because I had a generous free offer for Wet and Wild lengthening mascara, I took it to the Weis store to find out if they had it and yes, they did!

   First, I had to ask an employee.

  “Excuse me, ” I said. “Do you work here?”

   “Yes,” said the custodial engineer. “What’s up?”

   “Do you carry this product?”

   “Beauty aids are right there,” he said. “Aisle _.”

   He said, by then I could see them and found the item, black mascara in a navy blue tube.

   Because I was heading over to the Mohnton post office to find out more about the part-time relief carrier position, I also purchased some marshmallow snowman peeps and sugar-free stars with blue sprinkles.

   My total purchase was $1.20 in lane 11. The attendant thought I was kidding when I asked for someone strong to help me carry my purchases to the car.

    Cathy at the Mohnton Post office, who has always been nice and helpful to me whenever I’ve gone in there, was pleased with my attempted bribery.

   “Just Born!” Cathy said. “Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.”

   The position may have already been filled, but I may apply online at usps.com/employment. I love the post office.

For additional info and to be a Beauty Ambassador or Peeping Tom:




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