Triangle David

   A cardinal, two woodpeckers and a blue-jay flit among the trailside branches this morning. The sun comes up after a day of part-gloom. Hardly a heron anywhere.

    My walk leads east to the three marker and the ramparts – some remnant wall with a bench to rest and set a while. I am keyed up and caffeinated, so all I do is stand and scan the water, the shore, the iron and wood span that leads to and comes from the Leisure Center. What happened to I before E?

   Then I head back toward Gring’s Mill, pick up a fallen red light bulb and replace it, continue west toward the Red Bridge. Cathy Wegener and I talk about a project idea and I learn that Chris Lessig, director of Parks and Recreation has resigned and left our fair county as of December third. Ms. Wegener is the interim head, again. How capable she is of being the director!

   On my return route, I find an equilateral triangle mark on the path with an ash whatchamacallit inside. On the needle’s eye area is the name David scrawled in the thawed mud. The tree with the red lights seems to be lit, at nine-thirty in the morning, as I come near it. I found another metal trinket and placed it on the stone wall. After I head up the ramp and look back at the tree, the lights seem dim, unlit. It must have been the sunlight. Don’t look back.


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