Christmas Wrap

  Yesterday’s post is being written today. Pick of the Litter had lodged itself in the ornamental grass directly outside the front door. It was a strip of Christmas Wrap, warped a little with frost. It was red and green with dabs of a few additional colors. There was a very cute horse called Christmas Wrap at Bruno’s barn at Penn National when I was there.

   I am behind in doing my Sudoku art puzzles. Help! At the library today they are putting up a contest display having to do with puzzles. Word puzzles are many people’s favorite things – please pardon the grammar –  and I consider myself a fan. Of puzzles.

   When I walked Tuesday, three herons were out: one standing on the grassy flat top above the bank opposite the Janssen conference center of Penn State Berks campus. Another one was at toppled tree. Then it was another half-mile to one across from the Meinhart’s house at the nine post. Then there was a heron-like light white plane flying above.


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