Lucky One

  Writing from the #1 Reading Public Library, where the lady in purple at the information desk says “Lucky One” when she sees the internet pc card the front desk person has given me.

  I also had the good fortune to find a heads up penny* at Dosie Dough on Penn avenue in Wyomissing, where Marsha, the owner of this ultrasweet gold mine trusted me to taste-test her Sweet Potato Bisque. The soup is savory and yummy if not yammy or rammy and contains bits of onion and smooth piquant ginger. The tiny Green Mountain Coffee cup sample cup held about an ounce and a half and I highly recommend it.

   Meg credits Nadia with some sign making. What a team they make at Dosie Dough!

   Along the trail from 10:20 to 12:20 there were no herons until I had nearly reached the end of my walk. One flew from the creek on the last bend near Gring’s Mill. Just one heron is lucky.

   I saw a Sheriff van drive along Tulpehocken road, the scenic route back to Bersk County Prison. There were two items to be placed on lost glove rock: a Black Nike Glove with silver stripes and a blue and orange mitten which reminds me of my Cavalier days. Orange and Blue for University of Virginia.  Here in the library is Sean, star of Lange and Celima’s “Jump?” Such mystery. And what is an NBC camera doing at south Third street at Franklin?

*This, in turn, led to a discussion with Meg that we never pick up or touch the tails-up penny. What do you do if you see one? Flip it over?


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