Bright Spots

   “People are depressed,” says a gym-goer at the Reading YMCA this week. “This time of year and the weather has them down.”

   He is right. When I hear this kind of report I immediately center on two things:

  1.  How would you advise a friend? 
  2. What’s good about this?

   What I like to do is look for the bright spots which can be either literal or figurative. Some bright spots are simply well lit places with cheery colors, like the Goggleworks, where the lighting is also used to illuminate the current show and many of the paintings are bright and cheerful.

  Libraries can be uplifting – they offer a change of scenery when winter blahs or Seasonal Affective Disorder ( SAD) kicks in. Sometimes you can lift yourself up out of depression simply by changing the scenery. Other times it is best to distract yourself.

   Additional alternatives are to visit friends, find a warm radiator to sit on, rent a movie or check one out of the library.

    You can visit a place you’ve never been, where you can find a mural, a new kind of food, or even a store like Pier One or Target, where they have fresh merchandise with lively colors that lift you up. The trick. of course, is to leave your money and purchasing power at home or with your banker. You may get more sense of satisfaction from not having bought than from buying something. If, however, it fits your budget and the circumstances, like the approaching birthday of a friend, buy with happiness and glee!

  Men and women can appreciate thumbing through a glossy magazine or, as I had hoped to do Wednesday night, attending a free class. I was looking forward to ” A Beautiful You” January 12, and it was postponed a week to the 19th, due to snow, at the West Lawn- Wyomissing Library. This is a class on making natural cosmetics, which I can get enthused about. I love lemon and oatmeal and the smell of herbs such as lavender.

   The best bright spots are friends and family and what you discover on your own. You need not only consume, you can produce: make your own art, your own new dish to taste or sew something. Enjoy and be not sad!

   This is a link to ehow: for a china birdhouse: great hobby or business start-up idea!

   What do you like to do to lift your mood from the winter doldrums?


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