Win 2-Way Box

   Magenta holiday light bulbs strung on a tree lend visual punch to the gray and evergreen colors of this cloudy day.

   Walk to 8 post, crunching on the dry snow. Absence of herons in presence of cold temperatures, although this has not stopped the Canada geese from showing up. Herons seem a fraction more frail. I think they must be tucked in their nests.

   Cross Red Bridge. Take the paved road back to the parking lot. Along the way, find Pick of the Litter. The letters Win appear on the front of a discarded cigarette package. The Winston box top reads “2-Way box” and this feels like a winner, like boxing an exacta or something like that.

   Arrive home. Feed cats. Begin making Reading-Berks cards out of recycled materials, spray paint and clippings from books and papers. They are labor intensive. Keep them as simple as possible can for rapid production on private assembly line. I am a factory.

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