Attempted Frostbite

   No Winter Maintenance reads the sign, yet someone has plowed the parking lot and cleared the paths in the park. Today, Saturday, January 22, I go to Old Wyomissing road to walk along the Wyomissing creek in the five degree weather. Holey sneakers and one pair of thin anklets is tempting fate.

   The Reading Eagle runs an article today about building an igloo. How do the Eskimo live? Blubber!

   At the GOP meeting Tuesday night at Exeter schools, six Republican hopefuls for the nomination as candidate for the March 15 special election, DIstrict 11, spoke.

    I hear the same rhetoric, different versions: create jobs, cut taxes, move the taxes around fom one place to another, better health care, and  Us-Them. What new ideas come forth?

   Today I plan to attend the Democratic Party meeting at 9:30 to hear what they have to say. I wish I were eligible to run but I fail to meet the residency requirement. One thing I do is listen to people and I drew a map. If I could speak, what I would say shall be posted next.

   Along Old Wyomissing road is an example of  Huyett Architecture. At the apex of the south wall, a stone marks:





  Mallards swim the shallow creek and a kingfisher alerts nature and the public. The only spot of green is a plastic Sprite bottle loges against the edge of the water, against the tiny bank.


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