La Boheme


  What do disposable plates made from corn and yam have to do with the Opera? On my way back to the car after attending a free multi-media presentation at the Miller Center before the 3:00 p.m. singing of Puccini’s masterwork, I popped into the Goggleworks.

  My goal was to have another look at Daniel Gorman’s painting “First Light.” His oil is a picture of a grey horse standing in the first rays of the day. I like this painting. It costs as much as a horse, but less than the sun, moon and stars.

   I took a spin around the gallery and found another exhibit: Toy something, an installation with toys buried under a strip of grass, like an epidermis, in two glass panels. It is like a toy ant farm.

    This morning when I Google “disposable plates of corn and yam” (see link and don’t ask me why) I read about 120-day biodegradable plates. How to combine green with agricultural preservation, create jobs – for ants and humans – and how to make for easy clean-up after a picnic. Bring the ants to the picnic. Ha! Clever. Good golly, Miss Molly!


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