Sky Well Falls

   Reading has a great wall from China! Artist Wayne Higby created Sky Well Falls, a tile sculpture in the building well at the Miller Center for the Arts, on the Reading Area Community College Campus.

  A plaque tells the observer the work is a collaboration and the tiles – 22 x 16 – worth, were made in the People’s Rebublic of China in 2009. The project is inspired by Marlin and Ginger Miller.

   That I first notice the sculpture from the second floor is of interest because the work is also inspired by waterfalls and the rich, blood-red and wine colored tiles contain linear and dotted marks that silently echo the feeling and image of vertical stream of water and the splash it creates, down to the droplet. It was almost as if the second floor viewer is on top of a geyser, buoyed up.

   The Purpose of My Visit Sunday was to take advantage of the Free Multi-media presentation prior to La Boheme, the concert. Mr. David R. Richie, president of Berks Opera Workshop, put together a human view of the Giacomo Puccini opera La Boheme. He definitely accomplished the BOW’s mission of enhancing education and appreciation of the operatic art!

   The presentation, power point style, asked the question Why did the Bohemians live in Paris and sing in Italian?

   I had another question, “Why did I not ever realize that La Boheme translates as The Bohemians?! I felt suddenly foolish! That is  because I know of the opera without actually knowing it. Mr. Richie enlarged my limited viewpoint with the nearly inexhaustible power of his ability to show us how human the god Puccini was, from his having commissioned the first sport utility vehicle to having a lawn irrigation system to having been a chain smoking man who felt no desire to restrict his romantic relationships even though he was married.

   Mr. Richie’s presentation had no music in it, yet it told the story in brief, of four men in a garrett in Paris, starving and freezing and selling their property, books and coats, in order to eat and live. This whetted my appetite for the real thing.

   The Miller Center is a great feng shui blend of fire and water elements, intense and rich. Thanks to the free event I was able to visit this address at the gateway of Reading, 4 N. Second street.

   Travellers Advisory: If you come over the Penn street bridge, please be aware second street is one way toward the south, a right hand turn. The ONE WAY sign above the intersection greets traffic with a dash rather than a directional arrow → 


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