The Heron in Winter

  Near Red Bridge this morning, a heron stands on one leg, close to the point (comparable to Perth) of a ten foot long shale islet the shape of Australia. Three dozen Canada geese swim, preen and stand. One sleeps with its heads tucked under its wing. Most have wet snow flocking on their backs, which are horizontal and parallel to the ground like snow shelves. 

   The heron’s left leg is held up and the claw foot is curled – it is so prominent a feature and gesture it is visible from the snowy path where I walk, some fifty yards away. For the heron it is a simple balancing action, entirely natural.


One thought on “The Heron in Winter

  1. Found this blog entry by a search for “balance” tags — what a lovely mental picture of the harmonious heron you’ve painted. Herons have always been a special animal to me having grown up in Florida.

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