Icy Spots in Parking Lots

   What is this line from Kathy’s song by Simon and Garfunkel , There but for the grace of you go I? It is a beautiful and poignant song to hear sung by Shawn Colvin at dawn on a winter’s day.

   Strings of deer traces stretch across the blank white fields. The prints of their clove feet look a little like coffee beans. Near the tennis court, snow is stomped down in a circle around tall shrubs. The bark on the trunks of these short trees is two-toned, having been gnawed and nibbled on.

   In all the white landscape, one little pathling, red oak leaf, has come to rest on the otherwise untouched plowed tracks.  A pattern of it  remains when I pick it up off the snow. Underneath the leaf, an icy imprint has formed.

   I take it home and copy it on a blank sudoku form. The leaf looks warm and brown. The plant fiber contains an elliptical mark and two small open spaces. On hole is rectangular; one is a heart-shaped  gap that I take a red marker to and outline it.

   There are no herons to report unless that was one flying over the parking lot at the World’s Cleanest Grocery Store.

   In other news, the Reading Eagle emblazoned in its headline a story about the fatal shooting of a man in a storm of bullets in town yesterday. Meanwhile the local census checked in on homeless people.

      Overnight, tire track evidence shows someone drove a car over the sidewalk at Dosie Dough, making a loop onto or off  Penn Avenue. The direction has yet to be ascertained by a forensic expert.

   Friday: Snow fell all day, amounting to nothing.


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