Mega Multiplier

   Avocado is the password for today because Joe Montana gave the Haas avocado numbers on ESPN. Seventy million pounds of guacamole and filling a football field 27 feet high are some pretty green statistics. “What makes an elite quarterback?”

   Have emerged from the caves at Lascaux and Chauvet, having photographed some metallic art. Also found hearts on beech, friendly ducks in muddy Wyomissing creek and things on barn. At 7:32 this morning several squirrels put on a show for commuter traffic, jumping around in the crusty white stuff to unearth there are 52 items out on this card let me check it you are only allowed 52 items I just returned a couple I can override it. End of the alphabet there’s somebody after you writing at the library. No heron to report.

    Infected with wanderlust this morning, having solved the snow-shovelling engineering problem. I need toothpaste. Why would anyone want to go to Riddlesburg?

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