Dashboard Cherry

Reports That by Allison Huyett

   Monday: Presidents Day. Why is it Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson are the three main images for the holiday?  

       Marsha has cherry Lepp cookies in a flat basket on the counter at Dosie and a little sign to sell them and yesterday afternoon,  I was waiting for red signal at Paper Mill and Broadcasting to go green. A sideways glance to the car next to me revealed a steering wheel cover with cherries design on it, behind which sat an attractive young woman fingering the screen of her communications device behind the wheel – just brushing it off gently, like you might rub a genie lamp to make a wish and hope for something nice to pop up. Dashboard cherry.

   Walk this morning, nice footing on thin coat wet snow. Thinking about the removal of entire mountains, and landscape levelling, in West Virginia for coal and the building of mountains of trash and garbage in Birdsboro, in New Morgan. Our American middens. If all production in the United States stopped, whoever owned the landfills would be sitting on gold mines with, not veins, but cells, because we would need to live on and improvise with what’s already been made. Ha!

   A heron flew low above the creek just upstream of the mill from the bend to some neverending place.


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