Sky Pilot

  Heron wafts overhead in controlled descent and loops to land in the creek about 10:25  Friday morning near the mill bridge.

    Pathling: a black Pilot pen I recognise as my own, dropped Thursday.

   Pick of the Litter: red Office Max “keep this” coupon ticket.

    In error go to Office Depot thinking it is Office Max. The handwritten vestibule sign I read as “office de Pot,” like it is a marijuana hot spot.

   Browse the stationery section, paper junkie that I am. New Leaf notebooks are cool. They put a new black and white leaf on the cover of standard composition notebook. The Mead notebooks are sturdy and reliable. I am interested in the glass crayons, too.

  In storage solutions area find useful storage bins with moveable clip fastener. You can look through rose, clear and blue colored plastic and see the world in a whole new way – with the honeycomb bottom design.

  I am the proud owner of a Rand McNally parchment paper map of the United States. Brumby and I can use it in our travels. It is a handsome thing, rolled up in its transparent yard-long box.

   Ulta begs me to stop in and discover how much I could spend on hair repair products. The answer is twenty dollars or more!

   The World’s Cleanest Grocery store invites me to twirl my new map in their magnificent aisles. A new kind of globally responsible cat chow that contains less corn meal and more chicken and oat meal jumps off the shelf and into my waiting arms. I read last year that if the whole world lived the way Americans do, it would take four earths to support us. I read this week that we would need the amount food of the previous 8,000 years to support the world population between now and 2050. Can you believe everything you read? What if it is true?


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