“I (heart) chipmunks"

  What more charming inspiration could one hope to find than the message Ichipmunks!!! inscribed with knifelike precision on the gritty berm of the path on a warming day?

   This is the experience.

   No herons to report. I have a house to clean and a report to inspect and carrots to feed Brumby and calls to  make and the Spring township library has a display of work by Kathleen Price that depicts sports figures, landscapes and still life affordably priced.

   One hawk circled over the Exide/Yuasa conference scenter to be joined by another hawk on the aeronautical prowl. The guys at the park are in the

 process of refining the “blue tree” stump down to nothing.

   I went to target to pay  my bill and buy some pine oil and a memory  card and some black socks. Pine oil is a great green cleaner and you would think there would be more pine forests around here.


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