The creek is at flood stage due to the controlled release of water from upstream. This provided minor deterrent to those unwilling to step through a large puddle with daintiness to avoid soaking footwear and a small mountain goat test. There is a Daniel Gorman painting at the Goggle Works that shows this area in the summer, without standing water.

   Pair of mallards, the female is unusually light colored, like a blond or tawny tint, instead of brown. Another pair of ducks cruised with the current as if on a joyride, the duck equivalent of mild white water rafting.

   Plum creek is sea green; where it merges with the Tulpehocken is a muddy demarcation.

    You could put in and portage a barge or canoe in the old Union canal, and see two pairs of pond turtles at the locks.

    For the first time in months I was able to go all the way – all ice and snow are vanished.

    Herons in the middle miles, and one in the upper third mile. Trash reconnaisance: Fry pod, coffee cup and a LIFT plastic seal.

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