Yellow caution tape! Do not enter. This forbidding strip stopped my usual perambulations and forced me to seek alternatives, which included a walk from Red Bridge and a walk around Reading. 

   I visited the Callowhill Cafe on N. Fifth Street and, for a dollar, purchased two delightful and delicious mini Red Velevet cupcakes. They also sell Reading Coffee Roasters coffee.

   The cafe is decorated in beautiful and soothing dark tones with vibrant photos, some of landscapes and some of brilliant flowers. The sofa ranks high on a comfort scale. Fom that vantage point I read the Reading Eagle, which announced the election of the First Lady of Berks, Judy Schwank, as State Senator to the 11th District, which is not a surprise. What is a surprise is the margin of victory. 

   I then turned my attention to the Reading Economic Outlook magazine, a publication that devoted a couple of pages to the Ricktown area, which is of particular and special interest of me as I open the Idea House.

   Some residents of Reading keep their homes nice and neat and with great care. Fresh paint, objects displayed in the windows, and clean sidewalks are a few of the indicators.

   One of the things that impressed me about Callowhill is the picture frame which contains a brief history of Reading’s oldest historic district and how the cafe got its name.

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