Rhapsody in Red

  Let me put in my 88¢ worth. My laptop has died; on public property to post.

  I see a perspicacious heron this morning, lively and alert from its station on a rugged rock in the creek. Within its radius, in a sunlit surround, it is on the lookout for its catch of the day.

   Friday morning, saw a heron  at the tip of a finger of rocks in the creek at picnic bend – it was a heron in pennant pose and it had not a lick of fat on it, no excess.

   Last night while I travelled to All 2 Art for an opening night Berks Jazz Fest event, a heron travelled through the air above. We crossed paths near the corner of  West Wyomissing avenue and Reading boulevard , the time is jotted in my notebook which is in the car. Seven twelve, if memory serves me correctly. The event did not begin until eight, so I shopped at Shillington KMart, where I got pastel peanut M & M’s and a great orange notebook to satisfy my paper and chocolate cravings, not respectively. Then I went to Your Place for a six-pack of Yuengling lager, a rare purchase for the non-drinker in me. I had seen a notation BYOB in the fine print contained in the event notice. When I arrived at the event, they had a box of lager and a large glass of pastel bunny M&M’s. Additional food and beverages were made available, including a phenomenal cheese that I had to take care to procure dainty portions.  I admired the people, music and art. I spoke with an art critic, who told me where to go to see his work now on display at a venue near my home. I would like to see Trombone Shorty play on March 30.  In the room was a large work on paper of a martini glass with a collaged image of a golf ball – and writing “the 19th hole.” It was not an elephant. 

   I find a white golf tee along the way, where the trail is a straightened ribbon. Half a dozen fly fishermen stand in the water. Standing water has a coating of ice.

   Three runners pass me while I walk. They congregate in the parking lot before dispersing. One of them gets into a persimmon colored boxy vehicle with the vanity tag FOUR-T1.

   While driving to the library I see for the second time in two days the car with GNP2 plate. It is an economy-type car. The GNP represents domestic Gross National Product of late.


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