Gu Who?

   Who GU’d the path today at the park? An anonymous runner left behind a small foil Mint Chocolate flavor instant energy packet. Does carry-in, carry-out not apply to runners? I am so glad to make Pick of the Litter out of it!

   Who knew? Buhuhu.

   I am able to report no herons his morning. I have saved one sighting, from Sunday afternoon, late, when a heron flew large circles over the corporate center ponds. Why, I do not know.

   The mallard duck I thought was a decoy, then thought was really a real, dead duck, now appears to be a decoy with a broken neck designed to confuse other birds and people.

   Attended the well-attended workshop called Birdfeeder 101 at Township of Spring yesterday afternoon. Our Guru was Terry Gerhart of Wild Birds Unlimited.

   More later.

   The forecast on a church said the son will shine. Whose sun?


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