20% Of(f)

   Pick of the Litter: white note containing three words. It looks to me like Frank, Puff and Trash. Is it a shopping list, a to-do list or a word list of another order?

   My walk leads east, is uneventful in the heron arena. When are the elk migrating in western Pennsylvania?

    In the parking lot I also found a silver filigree flower earring with sapphire center. It is pretty enough almost to make me wish I had pierced ears. Retrieved a piece of clear plastic water bottle label, entwined in leaves along trail’s edge, that could be used as ribbon. By the three marker lay a small candy wrapper Sua Ca Phe milk coffee. These bits of nothingness and light came home in my left coat pocket.

   Hewlett-Packard photocopied the elements against a backdrop of Coloraid paper from 1977 and brought the result to the library for a second opinion. They read the first word as Family. Then Puff. I think what is trash could be Tasha. It doesn’t matter. Bed Bath and Beyond 3.0.  I don’t like to put myself too much in other people’s way.


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