All is well, but enough about me. Began reading Enduring Love Saturday, admiring the writing of the opening, the first two pages, Chapter One. Sunday returned to the book and, in reading another chapter and another, no longer wished to endure it.

   What comes after the novel? A book, “Pocket Gardens” introduced a recycled glass garden, an aluminum garden and flower gardens, among others, including a path to a writer’s studio. The back yard at idea house reminds me of the outdoor stretch Jackson Pollack used to roam back and forth and around his works in progress.

   This morning on my walk it seemed an excellent day for herons to be fishing: the water level is normal there is cloud cover and few people are out to disturb them. What I saw instead were flying herons, one in the vicinity of the metal bridge that is now become a three-dimensional canvas for persons who have access to spray paints and make their marks in public park areas. They may find the natural world too dull! The first sighting was 8:46. I thought about ballet dancers, grace and the awkward pictures of The Black Swan. It looped around at 8:52. Shortly thereafter I found a Skoal can lid, grunged to perfection. That reminded me of the news that Major League baseball rules soon may drive smokeless tobacco use out of the park, which is a shame. Then I found a yellow flicker wing and a beige piece of paper torn on all four sides and a clean Marlboro box sleeve, containing the printed advertising: THROW A WIDE LOOP/ PLAY THE ROPE SLINGER. 

   A glance at the fuel level indicator on the dashboard prompted me to stop at WaWa Hiawatha, where I asked the cashier for $3 in gas now that a gallon is $3.57 or $3.65. In the ladies’ room, I noticed the corporate logo of the flying goose is celebrated in the white, brown and black tile design uppermost on the walls, near the ceiling. I washed my hands and the Skoal lid.

   Spring Township mapping truck 49 is in the development.

  I have returned to the library a copy of the DVD of the French film “Time to Leave” without having viewed it, since my computer died. A heron flew over the tall pines at Meridian and Commerce, heading east, at 9:26 a.m. The dictionary is open to pages 1282-1283. Particle physics/Parturient head the left-hand page.


2 thoughts on “Parallax

  1. Sorry you were sick, but hope your recovery is complete or nearly so.

    I liked ENDURING LOVE. But ATONEMENT a great deal more more. If you have read much Ian McEwan you know that his novels are all very different. THE INNOCENT is a great thriller if you are in the mood. Finally I can recommend a book or two to you.


    1. Thank you for the well-wishes. Chicken soup, orange juice and aspirin and rest are not doing the trick. Maybe Swamp rub will help.

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