Other, Plastic Beached

   Plastic to-go cup lid, having been pressed under inflated tires is Pick of the Litter. It lay in front of the World’s Cleanest Grocery Store this morning, after 9:56 a.m., when two herons flew above Paper Mill and Broadcasting roads on separate yet possible parallel courses, one bird more massive than the other unless it was just the receding distance which made the other look smaller. My grocery purchase included strawberries. The most prominent writing on the cup lid: OTHER as a choice neither TEA nor COFFEE. As the lid faced top-side down, the lettering read backwards and REHTO. Along Meridian boulevard, tiny bits of cherry blossoms have collected en masse along the curb and gutter, forming a pink stream of natural confetti like a flowing scarf next to a concrete throat. Some drivers have been crazy-driving this morning, taking less care in the relentless rain than safe travel requires, pushing themselves headlong without thought like a driven lemming. I think more about Biutiful and the many scenes that feature unwashed dishes and no clean surfaces. That and the hand that turns on a lamp. Where is my significant other?

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