Liz Dawes Smith Obit


Liz Dawes Smith Obit 5.11.2011 by Allison Huyett

heron upstream of Reber’s Bridge, looking very arch,  legs parallel and its pennant pose stretched into a parallelogram.

a second heron standing stoic on bulge of sycamore trunk root, being photographed by man with long lens taking long view from the meadow across the creek  near the nine marker and Meinhart house. the lens and the heron would be similar colors if the heron were not in the sun’s illumination and the photographer and his gear in the presence of shade. it was almost a heron halo effect, only the morning sun was on the bird not hovering above.

some red white and blue Pick of the Litter Daiwo? Daiwa. I took it out of my pocket and it is downstairs and Simon is on my lap with a Do Not Disturb purr. Flowers: wild geranium or phlox, buttercups and white violets and the honeysuckle buds are tight-lipped and not opening up just yet

   drew some things on my coffee cup, wild flower leaves in a star whorl and an eye-pleasing honeysuckle branch someone whacked enough to make it dangle without severing completely. it hung by a thread of bark and cotyledon and I finished the job by giving it a light tug

   also found a plastic drink cup piece that looks like a lobster or and angel, a tree nubbin, a cardinal feather and a brittle  tree tag phrag: “eping erald”

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