Back of the neck label snipped from a shirt and left on the bridge in the park. Today’s pathling is the odd brown duck. It is an unsually colored duck that looks like a mutant mallard. It was swimming with a handful of Canada Geese and made a kind of down and across-stream beeline for the shore where I walked this morning. It got out of the creek and came right up to me and made a circle in front of me on the grass. I resisted the temptation to pet it. Its neck is brown and the tips of its tail and folded wing feathers are light, almost albino. Its willingness to approach me makes me wonder if it didn’t receive food from humans at some point and place. I also found a purple swirl design cup from Taco Bell “Think outside the Bun” that lay by the way I walked today. I have cookies to make. Lots of cookies. I also went to the World’s Cleanest Grocery Store to see if I could find my beloved and did and didn’t buy anything, just researched the cookie aisle. That is my report for Monday. A heron made noise and the creek is high and I thought I might not see one at all. A mink ran across and along the path. It looked like a little racehorse getting ready to work, going forward and kind of sideways at the same time with its head cocked to the rail. A short while later and further downstream I heard the heron bleat and then one flew past , to my right, low above the surface of the creek and the bird looked pretty blue and fierce in its flight.


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