Memorial Day Heron

6:37 am Heron at Corporate pond. The plastic decoy heron nearby poses almost the same way as the real one.

Heron in creek at intersection Broadcasting road.

7:27 Heron along near shoreline of creek, head sticking up above plane of grassy meadow.

7:48 Heron fliesfrom sycamore tree branch, apparently startled by human walking along road. Moves to branch of smaller oak tree near Broadcasting, about twenty feet above water.

Reading Memorial Day parade cancelled due to lack of received funding or perceived interest. Commemoration in Charles Evans cemetery to be held.

Pick of Litter is combined finds: Mike’s Hard Lemonade box, a crushed, copper scrubbie pad, a beer or soda can, flattened, and a plastic container, emptied of the chocolate milk it once held from Turkey Hill. As I look back across the creek and road, the heron flies over the creek, its altitude now lower than it was when standing in the trees, about a foot above the water. A twelve inch foot, that is. Some geese were out by the bridge with their goslings, which are growing fast. Bits of ballon shrapnel also on the path as if there were an organized charity walk yesterday. I think ballons should be excluded. Traffic on the path this morning included bicyclists and joggers and I felt out of place.

Shopping trip: orange-pineapple juice frozen concentrate, a grapefruit, bag of three colors of chips, frozen salmon and a can of cat food all for $11.80.

Hope to post video later today.

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