Mystery Sticker

The Customer Service desk at the World’s Cleanest Grocery Store bore this sign: Sorry, We are not able To Accept Bill Payments Today. The store floor held this sticker:                                     It is an elongated yellow sticker with black printing and I peeled it from the linoleum like the skin from a banana (4011).

I pasted it to the clear window of my Verizon envelope and bought a can of cat food so I would not leave empty-handed.

Earlier this evening spotted a game kiosk for Bling King, with a fascinating assortment of about three types of flashy jewelry and key chains, the most prominent of which featured dollar signs with faux diamonds and fools gold metal. This kiosk must be related to the stuffed animal grabs you might find inside grocery stores. Looking at Blink King reminded me to get out the Eels music compact disk Blinking Lights, which I have done now that I am home. I saw a horse in the dark and cats in the headlights and the country air smelled very sweet and pleasant. Unmistakably fresh, you could say. In the city, the air smelled exhausted.


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