Spicy, Spicey and an Everready Tale

  Which is correct? Spicey or spicy as spelled? When I was asked for my opinion or my best guess this morning at the bakery, where they were making a sign or a note, I said “spicy” is correct, but so many times it is misspelled spicey that now the incorrect spelling looks acceptable because it is familiar. This is my opinion, however outrageous.

   Outside the supermarket that is closing was a cardboard piece for Everready batteries. I failed to pick it up on the way into the store, thinking it was bound to be in the same spot when I came out in less than five minutes, however, when I exited the store, I was unable to find it. Where did it go? The world and the language are always changing, every day. Grab it by the tail when you have the chance!


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