Peace Pin Number

Heron 8:45 p.m. flying low, glancing over rooftops of condos. The corporate center pond is an eighth of a mile away as the crow flies.

I was out for an evening walk to the shopping center and back, admiring the fullness of the trees and shrubs and taking note of a large bed of pink and purple colored flowers at Spring Ridge that will reach fullness at the end of the summer if they do not simmer too long in the sun without water.

At the World’s Cleanest Grocery Store, I looped back inside after making a two-can cat food purchase.

A store employee (or a collaboration of more than one) had arranged many push pins and a few thumbtacks on the community bulletin board near the interior exit doors. They were in colors of red, yellow, green, white and blue. Their arrangement on the cork board, completely cleared of postings and flyer papers, formed a peace sign.

The further I got from the store, the neater the memory of this image became, compelling me to go back inside and count heads. Twenty push-pins in a single circle formed the outside of the peace sign. Another 20, stuck in rows of two, almost side by side, formed the interior angles and lines of the peace symbol. One extra-large silver pin shone from the approximate center. It was a work of art and it gave me the feeling of poetry .

p.s. The above-mentioned heron sighting preceded grocery cart sightings. The time now is 10:04 p.m. and the cats are fed.


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