Be Fruitfly and Multiple

Chewing Gum Medallion, Streets of Philadelphia 8/22/2009

Command of the day. No herons to report. Nice swim, though.

2 thoughts on “Be Fruitfly and Multiple

  1. Yesterday evening I found chewing gum on the sole of my shoe. Apparently I should have wrapped it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. The gum flakes off whole, like a brooch or a fingernail, when frozen.

    Your chewing gum is definitely Mayan.


    1. Dear Rivenrod,
      You are definitely onto something – currency like shells or stones. If you send me a fingernail or brooch I can make you a card. Have you seen the body of work by Ben Wilson in and around London, painting miniatures on gum medallions? I’ve never been to London. Chewing gum is prehistoric and modern, some of it resembles motherboard or circuitry, some are like runes, Riverrrun. AH

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