473 PCS

Pieces of what? Pick of the Litter is a square of yellow sticky post paper, upon which nine lines have been pencilled. The lines are for computation. Ten lines, as I reexamine the sheet, if you include a $ sign by itself.

Also came across a  plastic bread bag tag with a sell-by date of June 15 (today) as I traversed the bridge. At one tip of the picnic peninsula, the odd brown duck was bathing and grooming near what appeared to be a washed up golf ball. I also found contact paper with flowers and stripes and a tails up penny. The former I picked up, the latter I turned over. I walked my walk of 6 miles in beautiful weather. There was a heron in the shallow edges of the creek above Reber’s bridge. It dipped its bill several times for water and stabbed once ot twice at small fish?

On the way back two more herons stood along the water to fish. I found a heron feather that has seen better days, including this one. A clatter of herons  broke out downstream of red bridge near the picnic bend. Two herons tangled in the air either as a midair collision or a fight over fishing rights. One descended like a helicopter and stood ground in the stream and the other cruised on to another territory. I kept on picking up bits of trash but it was nowhere near 473 pieces. The penny was gone. I return to my numerical phrases.


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