Boing! 4019

Bottle cap in the bolt well of the balance beam this morning reads Boing!  You Tube video interesting balance beam mounts. Pick of the litter a 5019 tag. Three herons to report and one kitchen timer without the dial, just enough of the works to look nearly steam punk. Wearing red to put the R in boring.

   There was a groundhog munching on the meadow, a robin tangled with a squirrel in a tree and the odor of something dead in the middle mile. Avoidance of people and conversation was a main objective and the objective has been reached. I just want peace.

   Photographs of a few pathlings and the odd brown duck, plus a foray on to picnic peninsula, which is an island upon closer inspection, where I thought I had seem a golf ball the other day. Spotted two white balls, one for Rory and one for McIlroy, so I thought, but they were unhatched eggs on the shoals of the Tulpehocken creek.

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