Pull Arms and Legs for Fun

↑ Pick of the Litter upon approach → to TJMaxx → where my Maxxinista powers were exhausted ↓ while my pocketbook retained its value = after I tried on ten tops × until I grew tired.

What I Learned today, thanks to Chekov,

  1. of the Death of Peter Falk, My Heron! Colomboan man gone from the stage and movie of life – “just one more thing.”
  2. Ana Ivanovich hardly ever takes a bad picture Å.
  3. Have bizarre talent for creating awkwardness ¬ in social situations.
  4. Writing in Restaurants ΔΜ is better that I first thought and p.118 The Cherry Orchard æ is fascinating.
  5.  Ana Ivanovich ®™Å € doesn’t take a bad picture.
  6. Speaking of the Death of Ivan Ilyich…The Russians have Tolstoy ΛΕΟ, the Americans, Toy Story ∂ and the Serbians, Arabian ω horses?

May I borrow a pencil? ¡ seem to have forgotten mine ⁄  Thank you!«∫


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