God's Eye Plastic Beached

plastic, beached! God’s eye rained down in the form of a plastic dome drink lid, smashed in parking lot in the Fame sector.

The creek is a watery beltway, with heron standing erect alert and tall early this morning, rooted in the shale shallows of a shoal  A pleasant sunlight mixed with pathlings and what-not enabled a few photographs along the way, such as a squeeze pack of Heinz ketchup, flattened from its rectangular filled shape into more like a bottle without puff and a red Target seal that shows a white dog with a black belt for safety.

Squeezed In

After my walk, I found time to admire hydrangea for sale at the World’s Cleanest Grocery Store, after which I bypassed the temptations of the bakery while inspecting a column of party candles on display: three to a pack of small cake candles with ornaments on their stems, thinking, What will Thou and I think of next?

In the produce section, a large bunch of butter yellow bananas with attractive freckles of soft, gentle brown weighed in at three pounds. I selected the first small dark green fruit I touched.

In the midsection I pulled a soy milk carton from the shelf. The Coke cartons on the end cap made me draw a portrait of their screaming red and white bottle and flatware silhouette graphics, and sunglass, surfboard and flip-flop cutouts. Life’s a beach and you have fun and die and What will I and Thou think of next?

Move Your Haas Avocado to the Belt

By the time I reached checkout, the red plastic shopping basket contained also six cans of cat food, on sale with coupon/have gun will travel, a can of orange pineapple juice and a bag of carrots, too. At self-serve terminal number three the belt fought to convey my items to the bagging area and an automatic voice demanded removal of items from the belt. Somehow it got ironed out.

With the punch of code 4011, came an automated voice command: “Move your… bananas…to the belt.”

I entered code 4225 for the small green fruit, which the system recognised, distinguished and revealed.

“Move your Haas avocado to the belt,” she said.

On my way out I drew, on the back of the register tape, the frog climbing on the toad or frog houses in the garden display, where crickets and birds provide natural and real sound effects, and left the sketch by the entrance to the little shelter in case my prince should come. The i was on the flip side.

Single Flower

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