The Endurance of William Morris

A day away from my regular employer affords me the opportunity to walk outside. These are the things that turned up along the way, in order of their appearance:

  1.  A cardboard carton, flipped upside-down, juts into the lane, resting one corner on the curb of Broadcasting road.
  2.  A work truck marked Li2 exits a commercial driveway as the Sleepymobile makes a two-block circle.
  3. Mike and Mike, on ESPN Radio, continue a discussion of T.O. mystery ACL injury that may affect his NFL career ending never ending story. Greenie invents the term “mindless broodery.”
  4. The box is a BLEACH box if all the flaps have anything to reveal. The box top botox bears a tracking label for Friday’s Wyomissing location and the factory date stamp: (still in the car). TGI Wednesday.
  5. Outdoor sign lettering at an Italian restaurant announces ROAST BEEF CULB [sic] sandwich as a special. Orpah! Oynx! Typo!
  6.  One train runs. Trainspotting: *The word PIES,* the phrase “This car excess height” * The weight of freight cars containing two tiers of automobiles with four or five cars per level presses heavily on the tracks. * color blocks on another car with a metal mesh of holes. * SOLVE is written large in classic graffiti style on the side of another car.
  7. Note to higher self: go to Sleepy’s to photograph the Sleepymobile with store background for an extra $5 of mattress money if posted on Facebook, thanks be to Advercar and
  8. A BK Trucking rig, number 4027 in descending numerals placed in a vertical column, passes Sleepymobile on #422.
  9. Sun is in plenty of rich spokes along the creek, upon approach to park, as if God holds many flashlights in one fist.
  10. Heron and man fishing downstream of the mill bridge.
  11. Pathlings and Pick of the Litter: Survivors 8W. Took photogaffes and photographs of tender things and sycamore slings.
  12. Tree limb snaps and falls into the creek 8:11 a.m.
  13. Jogger breaks into concentration with sad story.
  14. Upper parking area trash pictured.
  15. Walker reveals Naproxen [sic] prescribed. That’s what they use on racehorses.
  16. Concentrating on Industrial Revolution plus Arts and Crafts movement, one of my favorite periods in history and how it relates to Information age and A is for App.
  17. Heron near pipeline 9:04, flies away when human spotting.
  18. What is the value of 8/9 when converted to a percentage?
  19. Fishing licence of man on bridge tantalizes me with its numeral 11 parallel strokes and an erect fish outline, dangling in the open space.
  20. Abundance of barn red paint on road near Penn State erks entrance, some bloody accident.
  21. Grocery store Pride and Produce section, aisles 2 and 11, cashier 11. Peppermints, carrots, cat food and English muffies with original nooks and crannies.
  22. If pies were any richer, they would be pLiés.
  23. Number 13, Synthesis could be PostSecret. $)@& over and outsider. Unbridled Moodery.

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