Red Del Tote

Red Del Tote by Allison Huyett


Some train cars bear the marking REBODY. Today is the Fourth of July.  A few have chosen to begin with fishing along the Tulpehocken creek.  I have found Pick of the Litter in a red, green and black folded Unilever brand enclosure. Part of the delivery address shows up in an arc of white lettering: P.O. Box 19007. I like to accept it as is.

The path contains many sycamore bark pathlings from recent rains. Some are flat and some are three-dimensional curled leaves of bark.  The path also has flourishes from decorative bike riding: circles and stops and curlicues.

Early into my walk, the bird chirps and soft flow of water are interrupted by an outburst.

“I had a big rainbow swipe at it,” says a man in wader boots. “I mean a big one.”

I keep walking. I take a picture of a dead mole. The fishing buddy of the man in waders is an upstreamstanding man in waders, holding a net with the bottom rounded out.

“First catch of the day!” says Upstreamstandingman. His hand is in the net. The fish flips around his fingers.

The screen on my cellular telephone indicates 7:10 a.m.

A heron dips its bill into the water near Red Bridge. The heron stands on junky island and must stretch its neck down to sip.

Among the many people bicycling and walking, these tee-shirt words combine: New River Disney Nerd.

This man has a field day: A man sets a water bottle upright in the meadow. He distances himself from it.  He turns to sprint toward it like a barrel racing horse. He repeats.

At the far end of the trail I locate a small red white and blue produce sticker. It must be fruit, but not bananas.

When I try to look up code 4015 at the World’s Cleanest Grocery store, the self-serving terminal voice says “Help is required for this item.”

A store associate helps with the code inquiry. The result is Red Delicious (apple) tote (bag), abbreviated.

The garden at home contains an illicit extra garden ornament.The extraneous item is a blue hen planter that is broken into bits. Delaware’s state bird is not the red hen, but the blue. spending part of the day recharging exhausted camera battery and battery low warning on mobile phone. Carry on, hope you have a nice Fourth of July! Celebrate independence.


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