Extra Fina Aqua

“You’ve got that special kind of sadness…a tragic set of charms…”

Tiger licking his wounds.

Fessenden hauling Cambria brand Natural Stone along Route 422. MARIA CHUMBIRAY MAR 04 11 on the bottom of my #4 Duro bakery bag.

Pick of the Litter: Extra gum box in the parking lot. Accomplish six mile walk unaccompanied by electronic or digital media devices. Just a pen and a paper coffee cup to record ideas and to-do list. Zinnias, hammer, dragonfly wings, blown fuse, Talbot’s, bit, (yard) mowing, bucket, Chinese, six panels, sycamore shapes. One pair of shapes had fallen as a set with a parallel path between them. I have drawn these on the cup and inside the cup are the real things.

Six cars along one side of the upper parking lot. A truck parked over one spot marked X, another with the front passenger wheel tucked into a perpendicular mark, a T, as if it were a desk blotter corner or a photograph mounting piece to keep it neat. Also included in group:  FRA 1999 license plate and a rear view sticker showing flowers and Dave Matthews Band.

Walk wraps at 9:00, there are herons downstream of the Gring’s Mill dam bridge. One chases another off a long, large tree trunk angled over the creek and starts walking out on it like a gymnast on a balance beam. There are more herons flying and alighting within view – it seems to be a gathering spot for the heron social hour and summer fishing programs.

After walk, decide to vacuum Sleepymobile. Take back route. Avoid striking a robin holding a worm in its beak, standing on the double yellow line in the middle of the road. Pass a buck . Arrive at canister already in progress, thus getting a lot of cleaning power for a dollar in quarters.

Go to recycling facility to take pictures and nab a tracking cookie from a bale of cardboard, followed by more Catch of the Day trash picking: three pizza boxes one metal wire rack about 48 inches long. After a trash truck goes by, see broken glass on the uphill bend in the road. A stray black and white cat near the old, closed paper mill – where does it belong?  Stop at place to conveniently wash hands. Visit the World’s Cleanest Grocery Store missing my beloved, for two items. Come home to post.

I remember a water bottle label for Aquafina lay face down along the way so when I read it backwards it becomes Fina Aqua.

for mhttp://www.cambriausa.com/ore on the company which leaves no stone unturned (How is that possible?)http://fessendenhall.com/

and Fessenden Hall of PA:


One thought on “Extra Fina Aqua

  1. Perhaps, as technology advances or need requires, someone will announce the invention of chewing gum that becomes air freshener when rolled and affixed to the underside of tables, benches and shoes. Little bubbles of olfactory heaven stuck nilly nilly.

    Permutations are exponentially exciting – spearmint and pine, mixed fruit and lemon mist . . .

    The consensus here is we like DMB. Never heard of the band before. Strictly American, my guess.

    Take care Alison,


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