Tsunami Leaders + LOVE on the Rock

Better to be a fashion model than a role model. Finding a package piece for Tsunami stainless steel fishing leaders “Awesome Power” on the Gring’s Mill bridge, where it was quiet early this morning although the ground had received much sycamore bark shrapnel overnight – wonderful haunting shapes that are masquerade masks and figure ground puzzles and camouflage puzzle bits. No animals stirred the green plant material in the locks, no turtles, snakes or frogs. I sat watching until the time two men passed each other on the path and then I got up.

I have nothing on my mind, something on my mind and a lot on my mind. Have a model project to work on and The New Urban Placebook to launch. Then there is the matter of moving into the studio and cleaning what needs to be cleaned. This report contains details of other items found today: length of purple cord, foot of light purple ribbon, well asphalt rubbed red advertising card, grunged printed paper, folded advertising: BLUE, a yellow post-it with an address written upon it, and a woodpecker feather. At the upper parking lot I obtained a sda can tab.

The best find of all is a very neat word placed by artistic fingers that are the extension of a fine and tidy mind: LOVE spelled out in tiny creek clamshells on a limestone rock with a flat surface, so that God and a small portion of the world might see it.

There were no herons along the three mile stretch of walk, although the squawk of one rang out near the islands. When I had doubled back, finally a heron came winging over the water near Tulpehocken road, its wing tips flared with each beat to almost touch the top of the water. The bird was very heron colored with orange legs sticking out like carrots. A flying carrot!


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